Friday, June 6, 2014

Return To Sweden, Part 6

This sixth installment of David Anderson’s Return To Sweden includes the trip to Krylbo where they meet up with Inger and Jonne.  Who, as guides, assist David and Debbie in visiting the Gammal Gård at Folkärna parish and then on to Grytnäs parish to enjoy a Swedish National Day celebration. 
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June 6, 2014, to Krylbo, Dalarna.

Apparently a week or so ago the train line, which is electric, between Stockholm and Uppsala had a wire that broke.  Upon landing on the ground it started a fire which put that section of line out of commission.  It is still out of commission.  So when we left Stockholm, our next stop was not Uppsala, but Vesterås where the engine disconnected from one end of the train and went around to the other end and pulled us in the opposite direction!  We were somewhat late arriving at our destination of Avesta-Krylbo, but not too bad.  It was a comfortable way to travel north to Dalarna and be able to watch the countryside zip past, instead of having to drive.

Our hosts for the next week are Jonne Lindroth and Inger Mattsson.  Inger is an almost cousin of mine in that her Grandmother, Anna, was the lady who my Grandfather’s brother wanted to marry.  Anna didn’t emigrate but stayed in Sweden and raised a family.

Debbie, David, Inger and Jonne

Jonne and Inger met us at the Avesta-Krylbo railroad station and take us over to the Gammal Gård at Folkärna parish.  Folkärna is one of the parishes I trace our roots to.  There is a farm house that was moved to Folkärna Gammal Gården about 1928 and contains amazing examples of Dalmalningar and Swedish antiques.


In Dalarna each parish had their unique dräkt.  You can tell where someone is from by their dräkt.  In the photo the lady standing by the fireplace is wearing her dräkt from Stora Tuna parish which is a bit north of the area. 

From Folkärna we went to neighboring Grytnäs parish’s Gammal Gården.   There we enjoyed afternoon coffee and a sweet treat.  There was a program, including raising the flag, at three o’clock to celebrate National Dagen. 

Unfortunately Grytnäs kyrka was not open.  It is a very old church that is worth seeing.  It was built on wet ground, so to help support the church oak logs were put in to the ground.  Since the ground is wet the logs don’t rot.  If the ground were to dry out, the logs would decay and cause havoc for the church.  Grytnäs parish is the birthplace for a great grandmother Anna Klingström.  
At Folkärna parish I can trace my ancestors back to the late 1600’s beginning with Carin Ersdotter who was born there in 1752.  She married Nils Giliusson and lived in Grytnäs.  Nils was born in Stora Tuna and moved south to Grytnäs.
Note:  Here you can view part of David Anderson's Family Tree starting with Carin Ersdotter from Folkärna parish, for seven (7) generations down to David:

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