Monday, March 24, 2014

New Sweden Heritage Center

12809 New Sweden Church Road 
Manor, Texas  78653




May 3, 2014, at 4:00 p.m.

Visit the Heritage Center, Enjoy a Traditional Swedish Meal and Entertainment, and much more

 Meal Tickets:  $10 adults, $6 children under 10

Ticket sales for the meal end April 18, 2014

***No tickets sold the day of the event***


Purchase tickets *Marilyn Samuelson 512/281-4116, *Barbara Carisalez 512/964-1689, *Jack Atterstrom 512/281-3767, *Lisa Nehring 512/281-4927,

*Cindy Huffman 512/856-2910, *Marlene Bartlett at 512/751-5709 or call 512/281-0056




May Fest Agenda:

1st Annual May Fest – May 3, 2014

Our Day’s Events


VALKOMMEN – Welcome!

4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

·       Tour the Heritage Center with members of the Church Committee working on the restoration of the house.  They are available to answer your questions.

·       Visit the 1st annual featured group of FIVE FAMILIES who will share with you their roots as descendants from the 1870s Swedish pioneers in Knights Ranch and New Sweden. See pictures of the churches and the places in Sweden today where these pioneer families lived.

·       View the wonderful Christian art available for your enjoyment and purchase.

·       Stroll through the silent auction and bid on your own favorite item(s) that comes directly from Sweden.

·       Visit with your friends and enjoy the countryside.

·       Enjoy the fun and games area for children!


VASÅGOD – Please Come to Dinner!

5:00 p.m. – 5:45 or 6:00 p.m.

·       Invocation by Pastor Hans Lillejord.

·       Line up, get your plate and enjoy a delicious, traditional Swedish meal.  Enter your ticket with your name, address, phone number, and email to win the attendance prize:  a very special keepsake item from Småland, Sweden.

·       Listen to the sounds of beautiful accordion music as you enjoy your meal and visit.

·       Take your time and enjoy your dessert and coffee!


MUSIK OCH  SÅNG – Music and Singing!

6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. – on the grounds singing

·       Brief introduction and presentations including the wooden Immigration Trunk of C. J. Petersson that will be used as one of the education tools in the Heritage Center.

·       Join in singing our National Anthem, then the Swedish National Anthem.

·       Enjoy special songs shared by our New Sweden Singers.

·       Everyone can sing-a-long with a group of our favorites singers lead by Leland Lundgren (handouts provided in English and Swedish.)

·       Close with our Heritage Center theme song, FAITH OF OUR FATHERS.

·       Don’t forget to pick up your silent auction treasures!


KOM TILLBAKA NäSTA ÅR – Come Back Next Year!



Request Letter:


 Dear Friends,

 In 1867 the first wave of Swedish emigration to Texas began.   S.M. Swenson sponsored a group of 100 young men. Two among them were destined to be the founders of New Sweden, Texas. As the community grew, they saw the need for a church.  The congregation was organized in 1876, and the first church was built debt free in 1879.  The New Sweden Heritage Center is an excellent example of the Swedish farmhouses that once dotted the community.  The house was donated to the church from the estate of Ronald W. Lowther, a descendent of the early immigrants that founded New Sweden Lutheran Church.  Our hope and plan is to honor all our forefathers by preserving their history and continuing to chronicle the development and progress of the church. 

We are working to obtain funds for the restoration of New Sweden Heritage Center.  However, in order to continue the restoration of the Heritage house, it is necessary to raise money.  We will have a fully operational museum.  We ask for your help in this endeavor.  Please read about our history in the enclosed brochure and determine how you can help with this exciting project.

We have a plan of action for the project and have started the historically accurate restoration.  Restoring the New Sweden Heritage Center will help in the preservation of the rich heritage of the area.

We will be honored with your help!  Become one of those dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the New Sweden Heritage Center.  If everyone who received this letter sends in a donation, large or small, this unique Swedish Heritage Center can be restored, maintained, and enjoyed by all.  We hope that you will join with us in this effort to achieve this goal.  Please find the enclosed form and make a tax deductible donation today.

Very sincerely,

New Sweden Heritage Center Committee

Barbara Carisalez, Treasurer


Please send your donations to:

Restoration Fund New Sweden Heritage Center

12809 New Sweden Church Road

Manor, Texas  78653



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anna's Journey

Anna's Journey is a freshly published novel about Anna Palm and her family, immigrants from Sweden in 1848, among the first Swedes in Central Texas.

The book is based on authentic family members and places, portrayed through the author's imagination of what these brave immigrants must have experienced as they journeyed into the unknown. Follow them as they struggle with the difficult decision to leave their home country. Sail with them on the dangerous waters of the Atlantic. Persevere with them as they encounter Comanches, bears, diseases, and swarms of grasshoppers. Mourn with them as they grieve the death of loved ones. Agonize with them as they struggle with personal decisions brought on by the once foreign issues of slavery, secession, and a Civil War. Their story is representative of the journeys of thousands of immigrants who left their homes and ventured forth with little more than dreams about the frontiers of a New World.

The author is a native Texan, familiar with the state's varying topography, the extreme weather, and the courageous survivors who carved out their new homes there. As a Lutheran pastor, Haverlah has visited in the homes of many direct descendants of the very pioneers about whom he now writes with deep admiration and appreciation.

Anna's Journey is available through Amazon . Contact Rev. Haverlah at or 512-244-3074.  He and his wife live in Round Rock and continue to attend Palm Valley Lutheran Church.


Rev. Elroy has developed a supplement for his novel in the form of images that are now documented on the SweAme website at Anna’s Journey Album. 
This Album contains 25 images that puts a “face” to the book’s characters, places and events.  It is an excellent additional to Rev. Elroy’s major work.