Saturday, September 10, 2011

SweAme User Recognition Award

The SweAme Board of Directors expresses a sincere appreciation to Sandra Stone Guy and her daughter Cynthia Guy Ali, for a significant contribution to the Swedish America Heritage Online website.
This User Recognition Award is intended to recognize specific individuals such as Sandra and Cindy, who have demonstrated a major desire to research, document and share their family ancestral heritage. 
With the help of many family members past and present, they have collected, documented and published a significant Alfred Stone Family History book.  We are honored that they have chosen our SweAme website as a vehicle to share and preserve this very beautiful and educational document:  Life and Ministry in the Swedish Evangelical Church.
Thanks also to Jim Christianson of Austin, Texas.  Jim was the first to recognize the value of this Stone family history document as to its impact upon the Swedish descendants of Central Texas.  He took the initiative and contacted Sandra to alert her to the existence of our website.
If you have similar historical documents in your family files, we look forward to working with you in preserving them Online.
Sandra Stone Guy and her family live in St. Paul, Minnesota.  You will discover from this document that her grandfather Rev. Alfred Stone (a Swedish emigrant) had lived in many places across the central and western United States serving as an Evangelical Free Church pastor.  His travels also took him across the seas to Japan.
You can follow the Rev. Stone family career and life in this picture filled document at:  Pastor Alfred and Julia Stone
You will also enjoy learning about the Alfred and Julia Stone family genealogy at:    The Rev. Alfred Stone family
You can send your greetings to Sandra Guy at and her daughter Cindy at .

 Finest Regards,  David Borg